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Unwanted Google results can turn innocent searches into reputation disasters.

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of all online searches happen on Google


of consumers will specifically check Google before visiting a business


of searchers will avoid businesses with negative reviews

Google’s long memory causes lasting damage

“The internet never forgets” wouldn’t cause so much misery if it wasn’t for Google being so good at reminding everyone.

Google’s stated mission is to “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. What it hasn’t yet reconciled is how unfair and damaging that can be when the “information” being returned starts souring new relationships. Ruining business opportunities. Pausing careers. Stopping the flow of new business.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, unsavory results in a Google search for your name are an instant poison to your reputation that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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The impact of negative search results

For businesses

When negative results pop up beside your company name, it can stop people in their tracks before you’ve had a chance to interact. Online, your reputation is everything: a negative review, unpleasant article, or aggressive discussions about your business could all have a massive impact on performance.

For individuals

Like any brand, a personal brand can be enormously tarnished by unwanted Google search results. Prospective employers, clients, or investors are all liable to look you up on Google. This goes double for jobs built on reputation: doctors, lawyers, and many other professionals rely on us to defend their online presence.

Often it’s not even something you’ve done: simple association with a negative event or disreputable company can cause long lasting damage.

Whatever your situation, unfortunately these are problems that rarely go away by themselves. Dealing with them immediately is the only way to limit the cost and damage.

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You can defend your reputation with Removify

Google is a complex beast, but sometimes the solutions are simple – you just need to know how. Since every search result is different, the first step is always to reach out and get a free consultation. At worst, you’ll at least find out the situation and possible solutions, which may not be immediately obvious to you otherwise.

You’ll be contacting a team with enormous experience and resources in this field, including our own custom-built technology platform. Whether it is complete and permanent removal, or suppressing the content away from Page 1 of Google, you can rely on Removify to free you from the burden of an unwanted Google search result.

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