Reputation Monitoring & Insurance All-In-One From Only $49 Per Month

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    of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business


    of new customers avoid a business with 1 negative review


    of consumers form an opinion after reading 6-8 reviews

    How much could a single reputation incident cost you in lost sales?

    Your business could be attacked at any time, day or night. It could be a competitor, a disgruntled ex-employee, even just a hard-to-please customer with a loud and unfair version of events. Whether it is with a removal or a response, it is important to act quickly. Left alone, bad reviews are a thorn in your side that can start costing you sales from the minute they’re posted. The worst way to find out about a reputation incident is when you wonder why sales have slowed down. Our WatchDog service has got your back, closely monitoring the web for attacks on your reputation, with our team on hand to act swiftly when an incident occurs.

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      So What’s Included?

      • 24/7 monitoring of over 50 possible review sites
      • Lightning Fast Notifications for all new reviews (2 hours or less)
      • Express Removal Processing by Removify Support for any new negative reviews (Submissions for removal will be made within 1 business day)
      • Significantly Discounted Removal Fee –No Deposit Required – You Only Pay For Successful Removals!
      • Notifications & Reports – All new reviews(of any rating) are tracked and sent to you in regular activity reports

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        Reputation Monitoring & Insurance All In One

        Your business reputation is invaluable. What are you doing to protect it?


        • No setup fees
        • No contracts.
        • This price is based on one location. Talk to us about an affordable multi-location package.

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