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Absent regulation leaves you vulnerable to attack

Facebook is a marketing powerhouse, giving companies unprecedented access to customers and their data. Unfortunately it’s also a breeding ground for disgruntled ex-employees, unhappy customers, fake accounts, and trolls.

And yet many people still trust everything they read on Facebook. The more high-profile the content, the more it’s believed. One fake company review or colourful comment by a ‘customer’ can attract negative attention from thousands of users – even with no basis in truth.

There’s almost no regulation or verification, anywhere on the platform, against slanderous or misleading content. There’s barely any accountability for those caught abusing the system, either. And when someone turns their attention towards attacking you or your business, there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

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How can Facebook users hurt you?

Managing your reputation on Facebook can be complex because there are so many ways to attack individuals and businesses. It’s easy to create fake accounts, but most malicious comments come from real people.

Common attacks are in the form of abusive comments or posts, offensive images, or grossly exaggerated company reviews. Determined attackers will create dedicated pages as smear campaigns or even trying to steal business. If any of this gains traction, it can be devastating for your reputation.

The biggest barrier to removing malicious content from Facebook… is Facebook itself. The platform hates censoring its users and has no system for assessing the truth of comments. Without expert guidance, your demands for removal will usually fall on deaf ears.

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Take the fight to Facebook with Removify

Whether it’s one misleading review or an ongoing series of attacks, you can rely on Removify to take the fight to Facebook and clear your name. As always, if we can’t have the content successfully removed, you don’t pay.

We’ll use our experience from thousands of cases before you to pursue the most effective strategies available. With thousands of successful removals backed up by our purpose-built technology platform, no one can fight your corner better than us.

Facebook is notoriously inconsistent – that’s why you never pay until we succeed – but with Removify you are assured the defense of a highly experienced team that has been there many times before. Reach out to our team and see what we can do for you.

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“Super impressed with the Removify team! Two Google reviews were false, clearly written by a competitor and Removify had them removed. Very happy!”


We remove damaging online content.
If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay.

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