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They can certainly try. Our success in this area comes from having submitted for the successful removal of thousands of reviews, so we know the platform policies inside out and (in our humble opinion) the best ways to approach things. Essentially we act as an advocate for the business, using our experience to assist them in an area that they most likely have very little experience or previous success themselves. Should they wish to go it alone, they absolutely can, but their success rate is simply unlikely to match our own. Some platforms also have a “one and done” policy, in that the first application is considered but future attempts are automatically rejected. Therefore, presenting a strong case the first time is highly recommended.

The main alternative option business owners had before Removify was to engage the services of a lawyer. However, unlike Removify, most lawyers will not operate on a “no win no fee” model and will charge simply for the attempt. We would also question whether any lawyers in Australia have anywhere near the experience that we have in these specific areas – we doubt it, because many lawyers actually come to us for assistance!